Scenic Shades

Scenic Shades

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With Scenic Shades you add beauty and privacy to your RV.
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Full Description

Make your RV stand out with Scenic Shades!

Beat the heat! Scenic Shades reflect heat and provides 85% sun blockage. Less sun equals cooler temperatures under the Shade! Cool down further by placing a fan on one end creating a tunnel of air. Great for keeping bugs away!

Need some privacy? With Scenic Shades, you can see out but people cannot see in.

Made of a flame resistant polyester mesh, Scenic Shades uses a UV ink that resists fading.

Use your Scenic Shades on your RV, camper, fence, or gazebo. Hang it on your patio or lanai for privacy from your neighbor.

Each Scenic Shades has sewn edges and built-in 1/2″ grommets in 2′ intervals on all sides for securing the shade.

Scenic Shades is lightweight and folds or rolls for easy storage.

Why settle for boring black shades, be the envy of the campground.

Buy it now. You’ll be glad you did.





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