RV Rentals across America

RV Rentals across America

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The Motorhome Experts have dedicated the last thirty years or more to selling RV rentals to visitors from the UK and Europe vacationing in North America. But there’s no restrictions: wherever you are we’d love to talk to you.

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This Spring, you can be the first customer to drive one of a new fleet of brand new RVs from near the factory outside Chicago one way to San Francisco. All in: under $14 per person per day – or less. Look at http://tinyurl.com/natxkmg

Some of those new RVs need to go from Chicago to Vancouver: well, almost. Same all-in price. Details http://tinyurl.com/k7ye87b

From now through March, there’s no one way fee to link most US gateway cities. And there can be up to three free days thrown in. All the details http://tinyurl.com/o7u4hnf

Escape to sunny California this January and February. Pick up in San Francisco or LA with prices from $16 per person per day inclusive. http://tinyurl.com/mrq8ozr

If none of this works for you, there’s still a 15% early booking discount on all 2014 bookings if you book in 2013.


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