Custom Gypsy Wagon Camper Micro Tiny House

Custom Gypsy Wagon Camper Micro Tiny House

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Hand built, highway legal, comes with original title, weighs 800 pounds, perfect for small cars, waterproof,

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Custom Gypsy Wagon Dutch Door Vardo Camper Caravan Glamper Tiny House Chuck Wagon 800 Lbs. Bohemian Popup Shop Photo Booth SCA
The wagon shown here is SOLD…this listing is for custom options.


Prices begin at $2600

To see an unpainted interior version of this wagon, go here

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN HAVING ONE, Please read the description and see if your question is answered there and then ask any questions you may still have.
Great for events, camping, photo booth, popup shop chuck wagon partying…did I mention camping?? The great thing about this wagon is its multipurpose capabilities…It can be a shop one day and a camper the next.
Hand Built of All new Made in the USA Materials including the trailer.
Completion time for custom wagon orders is generally 2 weeks…ask me about what interests you and I’ll give you an estimate. Work in the winter could possibly take longer.
Gypsy wagon, caravan, or Vardo in a classic Bow Top design. Light weight, approximately 800 lbs. If your car has a hitch or can get one, you can easily tow this wagon.
All new materials are used in the construction. I use brand new trailers and the woods and hardware are all new. I am a big fan of recycle and reclaim but when it’s your safety on the line, I want you to have new.
‘You can choose your colors…I can even get specific with paint color/s if you use a big box store paint color.
Twin Size bed. A full size bed or bunk beds would be an option. A full size bed is shown.
6 socket electrical outlet…I love the gypsy aspect but I wanted to provide some convenience…
The measurements are as follows…
Trailer base…5′ x 8′
Trailer body 7′ x 9’3″ does not include the 4×5 ft porch
The bed is 40″ x 7 feet. The 7 foot width is accomplished by the Rounded shape. The bed is part of the structural integrity so I wouldn’t feel comfortable not making a small bed, at least, or a wide shelf, depending on your needs.
Under the bed is a 40″ x 6 feet compartment that could be used for storage or a second bed could be added. Plenty of room to store a porta potty, as well. My second buyer uses her wagon for a popup shop and I made removable shelves and a portable table for her.
The interior height is 6’4″…my husband is 6 ft. 3″ and can stand and move around comfortably.
There’s a lot of room inside. The seating ledges go all the way from front to back on both sides.

I use a design that is meant for highway use and having towed two of the previous wagons at over 60mph for hundreds of miles without even a wobble, I feel safe letting you tow one.
The construction is all interlocking parts, not like a log house, exactly, but that’s what I think of as I am building it. I have construction photos that I am most willing to share. If you are interested in having a wagon, you should understand how it’s built and what I can and cannot put inside for you.
The covering is 2 parts….the inner liner is a white waterproof polyethylene material and is fastened to the runners and bows.
The outer cover is a heavy duty 16 oz. treated canvas…and I mean heavy like a good canvas tent.
The center of gravity is low…meaning….most of the weight is down low and the classic gypsy bowtop design was favored because it was unlikely to turn over.
The door is at the rear for easy access…and see the porch! 2 jack stands included.
The body is fastened to the trailer with 5″ U-bolt.
The front or towing end of the trailer has a screened window with shutter and hasp. The windows on the door side are made of OPTIX. They’re so clear it’s just like glass, but safer.
There is a wheeled easy use jack attached. If you are hooking up alone, or don’t feel confident about backing to the trailer, all you need to do is get close enough to wheel the trailer to your tow vehicle. One person can push it easily.

Some questions I get…

First and Foremost, YES it is waterproof and YES it is a real highway worthy trailer
You will be provided with a legal certificate of origin so that you can easily have the title and registration in your name, regardless of your state of residence.

Yes, the price would be somewhat lower if you do the paint yourself. go here
I’m in Arkansas. You’ll need to come and pick up your wagon. So far, the wagons have been towed by a pickup, a Jeep Wrangler, a Kia Soul, a Chevy Sonic, a Ford Transit,and the latest went with a Honda Fit, so small vehicles are great with these wagons. Uhaul is great for Hitches…you can look them up online and find the exact cost to have a hitch installed in your vehicle…they give a lifetime guarantee on their work.
Yes, you can lock the door from outside and can latch it safely closed from inside..
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