10 Steps to Successful RV Rentals: An Owners Guide

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  2. October 4, 2013 1:25 am

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If you have made the decision to rent your RV then congratulations, you are on your way to making your RV pay for itself and provide an income stream for you. We’re providing a guide to help you realize the most success with the least amount of frustration.

If we had to pick two key words to successful RV rentals they would be “planning” and “communication”.  If you have adequately planned for the steps involved in the rental process and communicated well with your renters your rental experience will be a good one but failure to do so will leave you frustrated and will most likely make a short career out of your RV rental business.

Let’s go through the process step by step: (separate sample forms are provided for each of these steps)

  1. It all starts when you receive an email from us advising you that someone has rented your RV along with their contact information. Good communication starts here. Email them within 12-24 hours with a welcome and information letter that outlines your expectations and rules.
  2. Have your own “Rental Terms and Conditions” that is separate from the one the renter electronically agreed to when they rented your RV on our web site. This will serve as an agreement strictly between you and your renter and add clarity of any separate charges and added protection for you.
  3. Use a checklist much like the one used when you rent a car that details any scratches or dents on the exterior and any issues in the interior. Make sure your checklist includes a diagram of your RV and note the location of any exterior or interior issues and have your renter sign it prior to departure.
  4. Make sure your renter is clear on the amount of the security deposit you expect from them at time of pick-up and the payment type(s) acceptable to you.
  5. Be clear on who is responsible for your RV’s insurance while in the renter’s possession and the amount of insurance coverage required. If you are going to provide insurance check with your carrier to make sure you’ve got the right coverage’s they require for rental use and any exclusions. If you will require the renter to provide insurance, have them send you a copy of the “Certificate of Liability Insurance” prior to the pick-up date along with a copy of their drivers license.
  6. Provide written directions on how to operate your RV and include with the other documents you are giving your renter’s. Include any “quirks” that may not be obvious and also instructions on operating the holding tanks, awnings, electronics, etc.
  7. Make a complete inventory list of every item you leave in your RV on a permanent basis and provide that to your renter’s. This will make them aware that you will be reviewing the list upon the return of your RV and any items missing will be withheld from the security deposit.
  8. Provide renter’s with a checklist that will assist you both. Prior to departure checklist serves as a reminder to you of the items you need to check. Arrival and departure checklists help your renter’s with step-by-step instructions on what to do as they travel. A written list of charges for specific services, (e.g. exterior washing) eliminates surprises and advises renters of charges to be withheld from their security deposit.
  9. Clearly communicate either in your personal contract or via separate contract your policies on important issues such as travel to Mexico or Canada, pets and smoking and any monetary penalties associated with violation of your policies.
  10. Perform a thorough exterior inspection and interior walk through with your renter upon return of the RV. Be sure to use the same checklist and diagram they signed prior to departure and note any new issues and communicate to the renter your estimate of any needed repairs that will be withheld from their security deposit. Note: Security deposits are due for release to the renter within 3 days of the scheduled return date.

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